Practicing what we preach: Nudge4’s commitment to dissemination

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Our Commitment to Dissemination

At the Nudge4 Solutions Lab, we believe in helping people make active and informed decisions about the education and career they pursue. A primary strategy we use to achieve this goal is to provide individuals with clear, transparent, and easy to understand information about the pathways available to them. 

As we enter our third year, we want to bring this same approach of clarity, transparency, and simplicity to dissemination of our intervention strategies to partners, policy makers, public leaders, and other researchers. We’re committed to sharing our results, failures, and experiences as projects progress, not just when we have final results. We’re committed to transforming from inconsistent dissemination to regular content that sparks a community conversation.


As Nudge4 passes the two-year mark, we are excited to share a wave of results emerging from our work. But we’ve learned so much more along the way than just whether or not projects “work”. In the coming weeks and months, we will share not only results, but the process we took to get there, our failures and false starts, and the people that make Nudge4 projects possible. 

We aren’t stopping there. We want to use dissemination as a way to actively engage with a broader community, gather feedback while projects are in progress, and share information that might be useful and informative to other organizations. 

In short, collaboration is core to our work, and should be core to our dissemination. 


Nudge4 worked with experts at the Blacksheep Agency to identify our dissemination goals and to help us create a sustainable and actionable plan. 

Our projects flow through four core phases – working with partners to identify project goals, taking a deep dive into the data to identify promising margins to improve educational and workforce outcomes, developing innovations, and evaluating the results of our interventions. Our dissemination activities will cut across all four phases of our work. 

What you can expect to see

Our project teams have diverse voices, and so will our dissemination. You can expect to hear from students, staff, partners, and faculty via LinkedIn Pulse articles, Twitter, a more robust website, and quarterly newsletters. Nudge4 also hopes to become a more supportive member of our community and do our part to amplify the great work of our partners, affiliates, and funders. 

We hope you’ll participate in the conversation.

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