CollegePoint National Virtual Advising Initiative

We are evaluating how CollegePoint, a national initiative providing one-on-one virtual advising to high-achieving, low-and moderate-income high school students, impacts attendance at selective colleges and universities.

The Problem

Deep Dive into the Data

  • Increasing student success supports for SCND students when they first re-enroll in college.
  • Targeting re-enrollment efforts on SCND students for whom the labor market benefit of returning to obtain a degree is most apparent.
  • Targeting SCND students who have experienced flat or declining wages after leaving VCCS, and who may perceive greater value in obtaining additional training and a credential.
  • Targeting SCND students who performed well academically for most of their time at VCCS, but experience a negative academic shock immediately before they withdrew from VCCS.

The Innovation

  • CollegePoint uses interactive technologies like text messaging and screen sharing to provide virtual advising to students who otherwise may not have access to advising resources.
  • Our rapid-cycle evaluation informs programmatic strategy and decisions.

The Project Team

Ben Castleman,
Founder and Director, Nudge4

Kelli Bird,
Research Director

Catherine Finnegan, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Institutional Effectiveness

Our Funders