CollegePoint National Virtual Advising Initiative

We are evaluating how CollegePoint, a national initiative providing one-on-one virtual advising to high-achieving, low-and moderate-income high school students, impacts attendance at selective colleges and universities.

The Problem

Deep Dive into the Data

  • Among students from lower levels of income and educational attainment, just 14% earned a bachelor’s degree, compared with 60% of students from the most advantaged families.
    Recent research by one of our N2FL researchers, Zack Mabel, shows that at broad-access colleges and universities, as many as one out of every three students who earn at least 75% of the credits needed for their associate’s or bachelor’s degree drop out prior to graduating.

The Innovation

  • CollegePoint uses interactive technologies like text messaging and screen sharing to provide virtual advising to students who otherwise may not have access to advising resources.
  • Our rapid-cycle evaluation informs programmatic strategy and decisions.

The Project Team

Ben Castleman,
Founder and Director, Nudge4
Alice Choe, Project Coordinator

Danielle Peacock, Managing Director
Zachary Mabel, Associate Research Scientist
Catherine Finnegan, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Institutional Effectiveness

Yifeng Song, Chief Data Scientist
Eric Bettinger,
Professor, Stanford Graduate School of Education

Our Funders