Nudge4 Launches New Interactive Program to Reduce Recidivism

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Nudge4 director Ben Castleman and affiliate Jennifer Doleac in partnership with the Chicago-based education technology firm, Edovo, are launching an innovative program that will develop, implement, and evaluate a tablet-based re-entry module to strengthen inmates’ transition back into society upon completion of their sentences.

The project ultimately aims to reduce recidivism by engaging incarcerated individuals in the months leading up to their release, and the fragile and uncertain months after their release, to help facilitate a successful integration back into society.


Castleman and Doleac will pilot this intervention in two county jails, and in subsequent years, plan to expand the intervention to additional facilities across the country. The individuals participating in the study will be able to create a personalized transition plan that is customized and adapts to their areas of concern, and post-release will be provided with ongoing information, to maintain stability and fulfill their personalized plan.

Read about this work in the press release.

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