New Grant Awarded: Testing Strategies for Preventing Violence and Crime

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Nudge4 director Ben Castleman and affiliate Jennifer Doleac are awarded a new grant from J-PAL North America, a research center at MIT.

Doleac and Castleman will focus on reducing recidivism — the tendency of individuals to become repeat offenders — testing a tablet-based re-entry module created to strengthen inmates’ transition back into society. Before release, the module will help inmates create a personalized transition plan. Post-release, the researchers will provide ongoing information to help keep former inmates on track. As Doleac and Castleman point out, “[the U.S.’s] high recidivism rate signals our failure to help formerly incarcerated individuals build stable lives after prison. This project aims to provide evidence on a highly-scalable, technology-based, behavioral science strategy to improve re-entry outcomes.” Their experiment is modeled on an approach that has proven successful in other contexts, particularly postsecondary education.

Read the full press release from MIT.

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