Our Present

We're currently working on:

Improving Prisoner Outcomes


Researchers Ben Castleman and Jen Doleac are partnering with Edovo, an educational technology company, to design, implement, and evaluate innovative approaches to improve prisoners’ employment prospects and the overall stability of their transition back into society.

Nudge for Education

Personalized Job Matches for Displaced Workers


Millions of Americans remain chronically unemployed. Nudge4 affiliate Andrew Barr and researcher Ben Castleman are leveraging data science strategies and behaviorally-informed communication to provide displaced workers with prompts and personalized information to help them locate work and/or training opportunities in their communities that are well-matched to their prior work experience.

Nudge for Veterans

Improving Soldiers’ Educational Trajectories


Our partnership with the US Army Office of Economic and Manpower Analysis (OEMA) investigates educational decisions and experiences of personnel and their dependents, generating valuable evidence to inform pressing questions among policy makers and the general public about their educational choices.

Our Future

Our Past

Projects that catalyzed Nudge4

Up Next


We are proud to partner with First Lady Michelle Obama’s Better Make Room campaign to design and implement Up Next, a national mobile messaging campaign that provides youth across the country with important information and reminders about college, financial aid, and loan repayment. This builds on years of large-scale text messaging campaigns that we have conducted.

Financial Aid Nudge Campaign


In partnership with the Common Application and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, our researchers and affiliates designed a text messaging campaign to encourage high school and college students to apply for financial aid. Since 2016, the campaign has reached over 1 million lower-income, first-generation college students across the country.

Summer nudging

Summer Nudging


Researchers Ben Castleman and Lindsay Page (University of Pittsburgh) pioneered the use of text messaging to improve college access and success, first working to reduce summer melt, the phenomenon where college-intending high school graduates fail to successfully enroll in college as a result of complex and unanticipated tasks they have to complete in the months after high school.

Freshman Year Financial Aid Nudges


Researcher Ben Castleman and colleague Lindsay Page (University of Pittsburgh) partnered with Boston-based college affordability non-profit uAspire to design a text messaging campaign to encourage college freshman to renew their financial aid. This text campaign increased the share of community college freshmen who persisted through their sophomore year in college by almost 25 percent.

West Virginia College Success Nudges


In partnership with the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission, our researchers designed a text messaging campaign to encourage high school and college students to apply for financial aid and engage with academic support resources on campus. The program has since been expanded to serve any West Virginia student considering entering a two- or four-year college or career and technical program.